Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Send Your Update, What to Track, Week 1's Deck of Cards Exercise

I'm getting so excited about the new challenge.  Our last one went so well and I had such a great response, I knew I had to do another one.  And while this one is a little longer than the first, I just couldn't stop it any further away from the holiday season.  We will

this challenge out and be looking FANTABULOUS this holiday season!  ;o)

I try to not make up TOO many rules for the challenge because above all, I want it to be fun.  However, in order to make it easier to track....I do need to make a few about the updates.

  • Please send your update/pictures either to my inbox on Facebook or to my personal email address:  jlstanley34@live.com
    • This helps me not have too many places to check for updates and not miss any.
  • For Walking/Running/Biking - report MILES....this is how you will get the bulk of your points.
  • If an exercise is reported without miles, it will be considered "Other Exercise".
  • Update for team can come in one email or seperate per person, but please send individual totals...I will combine for the tracker.
  • I will keep the running total...you just need to send me the info for the last completed week.

Your update should include:
  • Miles and what they were for (w/r/b).
  • Any pictures you want to submit. 
  • Any other exercise you did (was it group or non-group)
  • Anything else you would like me to know (let me know if you don't want me to share something in my blog.  Sometimes people just want to share successes with me that they think are too personal.)


The exercise has been picked for WEEK 1

In this deck of cards.....The Spade stands for what I call......Scissor Planks (cause until a few hours ago, I had no other name for them), but they can also be called planks with side leg touch.

And of course since the 9 card was drawn.....You guessed it!  We have to do 9 planks...

I hope to do some of my own videos...but I needed one right now and my floor isn't good for it and the grass is wet  ;o)  So, I made do. 

You can either be on your hands or your elbows.  Be sure to be pulling your stomach in tight.  Then you are going to just start stepping to the left or right and then back to the center.  Doing each side equals 1.  So counting like they did in the video.  1, 1; 2, 2;

You can do this as many times as you want through the week.  The idea is just that we find a way to incorporate core or arm exercise.  I know that it will help me work on some of these things....and I know I need it!!!!

Send a pic of you doing your deck of card exercise and it is worth a point.  Send 2 pics, one of each of you, and get 2 points!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New WRB Challenge - Looking for Teams!!!!!

Still looking for teams for the New WRB Challenge

I had some questions about the pictures, teams, and if other exercise would gain a team points.  Because I want every one interested to participate, I made a few changes to the challenge.

One of the changes that I made was to allow for individuals if they can't come up with a team.  Activity points for individuals are a little higher since there aren't 2 people contributing, and motivating yourself can be harder.  Do keep in mind that although the ideal situation would be that you can workout with your partner, it doesn't HAVE to be that way.  If someone can motivate you without being by your side during the workout, they would still be a good partner.  Or someone who you don't want to admit to that you didn't workout.

Click here to get more details on the challenge and then send me your team names. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recipe Review - Cool Cottage Cheese Dip with Veggies

My friend Caitlin and I were sitting at the Riverplex chatting before Turbo on Tuesday night and another friend, Jenny, who is a Registered Dietician for OSF brought us over a snack.  It is sooooo simple, but soooooooooo delicious!  So this recipe is courtesy of OSF  ;o)

I know it doesn't look incredibly exciting, but the seasoning which you can't see is what makes it!


2 cups fat-free cottage cheese
1/2 cup low-fat sour cream
3 tbs. chopped fresh chives or green onions
1/2 tsp seasoned salt
1/4 tsp lemon-pepper seasoning
Whatever veggies you would like to eat with it.


In medium bowl, mix all ingredients, except veggies
Drain excess water from mixture and serve with veggies

Most people know that bell peppers are my veggie of choice.  The first time I had this recipe it was with cucumbers, but I think it would also be delicious with carrots. 

So, to my Weight Watcher friends, the whole recipe is only 7 points.  The 3 servings I had above were only 2 points. 

I am very excited about making this a staple in my house  ;o)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hungry Girl Recipe Review - Banana Split Pie

Okay friends...here is the review that I've been promising...

I'm glad that I waited till today, cause my opinion has changed a little bit.  I'm going to apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures.  I don't know why, but I just couldn't get good ones. 


3 cups of light vanilla ice cream (I used Breyers Smooth and Dreamy Vanilla Bean)
2 cups of fat free cool whip
1 sugar free chocolate Jell-O pudding cup
Banana (s)

Spread the 3 cups of vanilla ice cream in a large pan. 

Slice strawberries and press onto the top of the vanilla ice cream.  The recipe actually called for 1 1/2 cups of strawberries, but I didn't meausre as the fruit in the pie isn't any points for me on Weight Watchers.

Combine the 2 cups of fat free cool whip with the one cup of chocolate pudding.  Spread on top of the strawberries and ice cream.

Slice the bananas and spread on top of the cool whip/pudding mixture...recipe called for 2, but I only used 1. 

Drizzle chocolate syrup on the top.

Freeze for 4 hours or over night.  When ready to eat, take out of the freezer and let sit for about 5 minutes.  Cut into 8 to 9 pieces.

Here is how I am going to change it next time.  I will use a strawberry flavored ice cream topping instead of fresh strawberries.  I know this is going to add points to my recipe, but strawberries do not thaw out at the same speed as the other ingredients.  So, they are still rock hard and don't have a taste. 

The first day we ate the pie after that first 5 minute sitting.  However, yesterday Josh put the pan back in the freezer but his piece in the fridge and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  This let it thaw out a little more and was tastier.  I still don't like the frozen strawberries, but I tried Josh's trick today and it was MUCH more enjoyable. 

We will make it again soon  ;o)

Oh!  For my Weight Watcher friends, if you get 8 or 9 pieces then this is only 3 points  ;o)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I've got a lot to post about....we'll start with 2nd week of progress reports....

For this week, I'm going to compare to the week before...

June 29, 2011 - August 5, 2011

August 6, 2011 - August 11, 2011
 Here you can see that I did excellent when it came to tracking how much of the aspects of a healthy diet I consumed.  Met my water and activity requirements 5 days out of the week.  Tracked dairy 5 out of the 7 days and vegetables 6 out of the 7.

Here is the comparison of my points tracked from one week to another.  As you can see that I tracked every day as opposed to the week before.  4 out of the 7 days I stayed below my daily points.  Remember that I have a weekly allowance and activity points to earn as well as my daily points.

Because I wasn't consistently tracking prior to this past week, the first chart regarding weekly and activity points is not accurate.  The second is very accurate.  I used all my weekly points, but only 5 of my activity points.  I must say though, earning 59 activity points in a week is something...Almost 2 full days of daily points or another whole weekly allowance.

So for this week I lost another .4.  I think I need to be better about not weighing myself throughout the week.  I know that it is strongly encouraged by weight watchers to only weigh yourself once a week on weigh day.  And for the most part I do agree with this rule, as it is meant to not get people discouraged if they are not seeing the results they think they should. 

However, I have a different problem.  I weigh myself everyday.  I will see awesome progress that keeps me motivated throughout the week.  For example, as of Thursday I was showing a 2.2 pound loss for the week.  Then on Friday, my weigh day, I only was showing a .4 loss.  Ugh!  So, I haven't weighed myself this weekend.  I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and then not again until Friday. 

I met Naomi for our 3rd weekly Sunday walk/run.  My friend Natasha joined us for the first time.  It had pretty much been decided that we would be running at least part of the way.  I haven't ran in a couple of weeks so on my way there I was trying to think of excuses to not run.  As I told Naomi and Natasha, my inner critic kept telling me that my knees hurt and that I didn't want to hurt them further.  My inner coach was telling me that I was just scared and that I knew I could do it.  Even if it didn't go well, I knew I would survive.

My inner coach won out and I am so glad that it did.  We ran a mile before I even realized it.  And then 1.7.  when we reached that point, we were to a more tough part of the route and Naomi had already ran 3.7 miles (she ran to the meeting spot). 

We walked 2 miles and then ran the last .3 miles so that we could say that we ran 2 full miles.  As always, the last part of the run was hard for me because I always have trouble starting again once I've stopped. 

But the fact that I ran period felt awesome!  But now I'm torn.  I love the feeling that I have when I can say that I ran.  But, running consistently to try to improve makes me take away time from my other favorite exercise, Turbo.  So, I'm going to have to work out a way to do both.  Both things make me feel incredibly happy.

It had been my plan to also blog about my banana split pie; however, this blog got a little long so I will blog about the pie tomorrow  ;o) 

Hope that everyone has a fantastic week!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Do I Annoy You?

The topic came up recently on whether us health nuts are annoying with all of our social media posts/comments/groups/blogs or just talk in general.

It is something I have thought about before this week.  About a month or so ago, a friend of mine posted on facebook that she was going to refrain from posting about her weight loss journey for a while because she thought some people might be tired of hearing it.  She told those who still wanted to know how she was doing to feel free to write and ask.

At that time, I wrote her and told her that I have had the same worry at times.  As you have noticed though, I have not refrained from making these posts or talking about health on my facebook page and blog or in person.

And here is why:

The negativity that can abound on facebook is ENORMOUS!  People who constantly complain about how they hate their jobs or their bosses.  How their spouses or significant others are horrible.  The number of times I used to see "FML" on a post was ridiculous.  "FML" is one of my biggest FB pet peeves. 

And let me clarify...just because I said, "used to see" doesn't mean that it has stopped happening.  It just means one of three things:
  1. I have blocked or deleted these people
  2. They have blocked or deleted me
  3. I have surrounded myself with enough positive people/energy that my wall just doesn't have enough room to report negativity to me.
So, if people are okay with reading or listening to these types of comments on a regular basis...cause let's face it... those who really do it, do it regularly...then why should it be so bothersome to read about my positive change in life and a strong desire to be fit and healthy?  If you are okay with the storm clouds, why be irritated at a little sunshine.

And then another reason I have not refrained is this.  Every so often, and actually pretty often, I get an email like this:

Hey! Youve been on my mind a lot lately. I know you started a new health kick and running and everything. I just want to know kind of how you got started. I really just need the motivation and umf to get going. So if you could share some of your tips :):) Talk to you soon!

Some of the reasons we hesitate to make the change from a sedentary lifestyle into one of activity is because we are afraid, we don't know what to expect, and we think it isn't going to really work.  I mean how many times have we or someone we know tried and failed.

But then you see someone you know has started and then you hear from them how great they feel and how they are accomplishing things they never thought they could.  And then you start to think you can...and then you learn that you can.

It was my friend Caitlin that wrote me the above email.  I wrote her and told her how it changed my life and the things that have provided the highest motivation.  And I told her that I'm the happiest when I'm working out or with my fitness friends, and so I'm studying so that maybe I can make some supplemental income by doing it.

Caitlin smiling before class....she doesn't know what she's gotten herself into!
Unlike some of the people I've gotten emails from, when I said to Caitlin, "You are welcome to join me for a workout," she said, "I'd love to!" and got the information.  I hadn't seen Cailtin in quite some time and so I was as excited to see her as I was that she was there to workout with me.  ;o)

Still smiling after  ;o)

A couple of times through class she gave me a look that said, "What did I get  myself into?"  But you could tell she was having fun!!!!  And at the end of class she said she was already trying to work out her schedule so that she could make several classes in the week.

Caitlin is also planning on giving Sole Sisters a try too.  I'm very excited to be able to be a part of Caitlin's new journey.

And because of this, and anyone else who might be starting to feel a little bit of interest or motivation towards physical activity, I am going to tell those who are annoyed by my frequent health posts:


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Getting Back on Track and a Whole New Accountability

Most of you know that I had a big revelation on Tuesday.  

Since then I've been pretty much on track.  People have mentioned certain foods that normally I would be like, "OH!  I WANT THAT" but instead have just been, "That sounds okay." 

I have still allowed myself to have my higher point weekends.  Since my weigh day is on Friday and I workout the hardest Monday through Thursday, I'm going to make up for it.  And I am always within the Weight Watchers guidelines, making sure that I use my weekly allowance points and activity points appropriately.

So, I've decided to start showing my Weight Watchers progress reports on the weekends after a weigh in. 

This one shows how I used my points for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks for the week.  As you can see, I was bad about tracking on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  See how good I got after the epiphany?  LOL

For those not familiar with Weight Watchers, everyone is given a daily target for points to use.  Mine is 31.  Although I don't know the exact formula, I know it contributes age, current weight, gender, and some other aspect I can't remember. 

Then EVERYONE is given the same amount of Weekly Allowance Points to use as they wish.  If you know you have a party that week and are going to need all the help you can get, save them all for that event.  If you know you always go over your daily allowance, split them equally throughout the week.  If you want to use as little as possible, or even none, you can do that too.

Then there are also activity points, which you earn based on your exercise.  You can set the system up to either use them on the day they are earned or only use them after you've used all of your weekly points.  In my head, points are points are points so it doesn't matter how you set this up.  However, if playing mind games with oneself, I can see where waiting to use your activity points until you've used all your weekly ones up could be beneficial.  You can not earn MORE weekly points, so once they are gone they are gone.  If you have the system set up to only use your activity points after your weekly are gone, you may use less extra points all together.

Points for a food is calculated by the number of grams of FAT, FIBER, CARBS, AND PROTEINS in ONE serving of a particular food.

This one shows how I was in getting all the aspects of a healthy diet in.  Smiley faces mean I actually got my daily requirement.  I'm usually pretty good in the water and dairy department.  In fact I could be considered an over acheiver at this point in the water department.  Again, this is the week that I came in to my A-hah moment, so I wasn't being very good at tracking.

This one breaks down the Weekly Allowance and Activity Points.   I'm pretty sure this one isn't accurate simply due to the fact that I didn't track on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

Now, for the next one, you will see that I've done some alterations to it.  I'm just not ready to tell you all how much I weigh now and where I started.  ;o)  I know I actually have given enough information in my posts from time to time, but I've never actually come out and said it.  I will eventually, but just not now  ;o)

You'll notice that I hit my 10% target a while ago...YAY me!!!

The star there on the line was when I had lost another 5 pound increment.  I stayed pretty even for a while, had a little bit of a gain (I say little, but I think the biggest I've had in a one week period ever) and then went down, a little up (truely a little this time) and now I'm on a steady downward slope. 

Hopefully sharing these charts once a week will help me stay accountable.  I know that when I go to take a bite of something I will think, "Do I want to tell people I ate this?"  And if the answer is no, I won't eat it.  and I know that when I think about going to bed without tracking I'll have to remember that when the weekend comes, I'm going to be posting a chart that has empty days.....

So, let's see how this goes  ;o)  At any rate, I'm feeling rejuvinated in my journey.  Thanks for coming along!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

WRB Challenge - Week 9 Results - Final Week!

How exciting....we just went through a 2 month challenge and did some pretty amazing things!

For the week:

Ran:  5.5 miles
Walked:  34.3 miles
Biked:  5 spinning classes
Turbo:  2 classes

Christine White:  Walked 13 miles and lost 3.4 pounds
Bobbi Millinger:  Walked 11.3 miles and ran 3.5 miles
Naomi Shea:  Walked 5 miles and did 5 spinning classes
Me:  I walked 5 miles, ran 2 miles, and did 2 Turbo classes

But, for the whole 2 months....counting everyone who participated.....
Ran: at least 193.35 miles
Walked:  at least 255 miles
Biked:  at least 47 miles
Drank:  at least 3959 ounces of water.

This was an unbelievable experience to me to see the response to this challenge.  It has been a HUGE motivation to me and I hope that you found it the same.

I definitely will be doing another one in a month or two.  I will be doing some research to get ideas for a fantastic one!

In the meantime, I am going to keep active and SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT!  How about you?   :o)  Keep moving!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nothing Tastes as Great as Thin Feels

This is a statement that I heard many times growing up if the conversation was on weight loss and motivation.

I have said it to myself so many times through my adult years.  And every time I said it to myself, I whole heartedly meant it.  Who wouldn't agree with this statement?

BUT....there was one problem with ALL the other times I told myself this. 

I hadn't experienced thin in a LONG time.  I didn't remember how it felt.  I knew it SHOULD feel great.  It PROBABLY felt great.

However, I KNEW that ice cream tasted great!

I KNEW that popcorn tasted great!

I KNEW that chocolate tasted great!

So, I went with what I knew.  And that's how I got to where I was as of August of 2010.  The heaviest I had EVER been. 

Today, I was thinking about how the last month and half have been hard for me when it has come to will power and tracking.  I have bounced back and forth between the same 6 pounds.  I have accounted part of this to the pressure I put on myself to reach my goal by Steamboat. 

I felt like I needed a break, which I understand is very common for runners who have prepared hard for a race/event. 

And I said this phrase to myself again.  Nothing tastes as great as thin feels.

And today, it meant something different to me. 

I may not BE thin yet, but I'm GETTING thin.

I KNOW what it feels like to be getting thin.

I KNOW what it feels like to be MAKING A CHANGE!

Do you know how mad I'll be if I ever am as big as I was a year ago?  I know that health and fitness is fun and what I need.  There is no reason for me to make choices like I did a year ago.  NONE! 

I have the knowledge now.

THAT is going to be what motivates me.