Friday, August 9, 2013

Changes & Slow Progress

Tonight I attended my 9th Weight Watcher's meeting in a row.

In those 9 weeks I've lost exactly 2.8 pounds.

Some would be upset by this.  Discouraged.

A lot of people would probably quit.

Very few would put it in writing on a blog to be published out on the internet, where nothing can ever really be deleted.

I would be lying if I said that I didn't wish that number was bigger.  Obviously, I am doing this, paying for this because I would like to see a difference.

And anyone that knows me, knows that I've been analyzing this.  Analyzing my progress.

First off, here is what I can say.  I'm no heavier than I was 10 weeks ago.  If I had not been going to Weight Watcher meetings for the past 9 weeks, I am most certain that I would not be able to say that.  Before I walked back through the WW doors, I was on a very fast track to creating a new "heaviest I've ever been."

While my weight loss number is not big, I definitely have created better habits.  Some that I don't even believe I'm aware of.  Before I stepped on the scale this evening, I said to Kelly (the gal weighing me), "I don't know how this is going to turn out; I've been on vacation."  Not only have I been on vacation, but I've been on vacation by myself.  Time spent alone is some of the most dangerous time for me.  I have a much easier time exercising will power when there is someone around to hold me accountable.

Kelly's response, "Well.  You stayed exactly the same, so you are doing something right."

I think most people would agree that to be on vacation and to not gain, even an ounce, is a great accomplishment.  Which means, while I feel like I've over done it, somewhere I've subconsciously recognized what my limits should be.

I am not upset by my slow progress.

I feel like to be upset by my progress would happen only if I am comparing myself to others and their progress.  And I'm just not going to do that to myself.

Weight Watchers puts a lot of focus on routines, and I agree that it is a huge part of my failure or success. 24 months ago, I had lost 50 pounds.  I attribute that to two things:

  • Planning (meals)
  • Regular and rigorous activity
A change 21 months ago created a lack of stability and I never got control over it.

It was 9 weeks ago that I finally got enough stability that I felt I could start attending the weekly meetings. But, I still have been undergoing A LOT of change.

A little over a month ago I moved from the account I had spent the last 20 months on (and that had me running ragged - not in the good activity kind of way) to a temporary assignment for myself.  This change was greatly welcome.  But, it was a new wrench in the stability of my routine.

This change was easier to get used to than the original account.  However, it was temporary.  For most of the month of July, I had no idea of how long this temp assignment would be.  That in itself creates some unease and stress.

I am now getting ready to start my next new assignment.  This one is considered permanent.  On Wednesday, when I return from my vacation, I will be reporting to my new team as a Team Leader.  It is a job I'm familiar with on an account that I've actually taken phone calls for (I work in a call center).

There is stability on the horizon!

I will be joining the gym again this week, as it is right next door to the building I will be working in.  I know that having my own place at work with my own team and my own tasks, control over my own habits (I know you would think that I always had this...but if you only new...), and then adding the activity that I have soooooo loved is going to make the difference to start pushing the needle towards great improvement.

I am adding school to the agenda which will be a challenge for me, but I am sure that the positive effects of finally feeling back at home at work and the physical activity will make me successful in my classes as well.

And finally, I know that right now I don't have the most active blog or fitness page...and I apologize to those who follow me that are looking for more.  I do believe that is another change that is coming on real soon within the coming weeks.  But for right now, I've decided to be happy with posting as I feel inspired and I hope that everyone feels that when I do post, I have something good to say.  :o)