Why Fitness?

I have struggled with weight all my life.  Going up and down, up and down.  When I was in high school I wanted a leather coat that there was no way I could afford.  My mother said that she would buy it for me if I lost 20 pounds.  I lost 60.  You would have thought that this would have earned me 3 coats.  LOL   Just kidding Mom!!!!

When I lost my first very serious boyfriend, I dropped 40 to 60 pounds (I had gained the original 60 pounds back plus some). 

And since then I've gained it back and then some.  And then some more.

I had a boyfriend's (not the current one) family tell him that he needed to break up with me because I was too fat.  Well, no need to tell you why he isn't a boyfriend anymore.

So, there is no question that I needed to lose weight and get healthy.  I have had thyroid issues, acid reflux, B12 decificiency, among other things.  And my weight had put some strains on my current relationships too.  So, it was simply time for a change.

But, what really made me decide to get serious was this.  There is nothing that breaks my heart like the epidemics of bullying and suicide.  And I want to start taking a serious part in ending these epedimics.  But, unfortunately, no one listens to fat people.  No one takes us seriously. 

Basically, I decided to follow the rule that it is important to take care of yourself first before you can take care of other people.  How true it is!  My mind works so much differently now that I've become healthier, and I've got so much further to go. 

My hope is that when I start speaking out more against bullying and suicide, people see a person who had the love and dedication to oneself to lose 100 pounds and feel the confidence that I will put the same love and dedication into these causes. 

I know I have more of that confidence everyday!