Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's try again!

Okay...Two things that I have always started and had trouble following through with are 1) Dieting and 2) Blogging. I've been attempting the diet thing now since October and am actually finding myself successful. I've decided to give this blogging thing one more try too.

Since October I've lost 18.6 pounds. I started by running/walking/biking with my friend Isaura at the Riverplex. I was going on free passes that Isaura had, but eventually joined. I also joined Weight Watchers Online again around the same time. I then started doing Turbo Kick three times a week. It has now become and addiction and I've met several great people who have been very supportive in my weight loss journey.

Starting March 1, 2011, I'm going to start my March Madness Workouts. I'm not a fan of basketball so in addition to my regular workouts, I will also be doing some form of exercise during scheduled Bulls games.

I hope that my March Madness Workouts provide some good fodder for my blog and maybe help me to create the habit of checking in here more often than I have in the past.