Thursday, October 27, 2011

WRB Challenge - Week 7 Results

Hey everyone.  Boy, what a couple of weeks. 

Want to first start by apologizing again to the ladies who started the challenge recently!  I'm glad that it looks like you are getting a good amount of support from the page.  Love It!

Speaking of LOVE....Last night at Sole Sisters I told a group that earlier in the day I was tempted to post on the group pages how much I love the groups and everyone in them, but then decided that everyone was going to think I was a little bit crazy as much as I say it.  But it's soooooo true!  With all the ups and downs of life, it sure is good to have a great set of friends to balance it all out.  

Ironically....just after writing the paragraph above, I switched over to facebook for a moment and found that a friend had posted this video.  It's by one of my favorite motivational speakers who seems to look at life the same way that I do....

Love it!  This is so true.  I have commented before that before my own change, my facebook newsfeed was so full of such negativity...since my change, I rarely see posts that make me want to tear my hair out.  And this happened naturally.  I didn't have to do a lot of deleting to make it that way....I just found all of you. 

Since there was no update last week, the weekly subtotal is going to include the activity from Week 7 and the pictures from Week 6 and Week 7.  No one had points deleted for not submitting pictures.  The sub-total includes the activity from Week 6 (as well as all previous weeks). 

Sisters in Sweat Punk Little Sole Girls Mother & Daughter Weight WarriorsTriple F:  Fabulously Fit Friends  
Week SevenW/R/B - 5 Miles025030
W/R/B - 10 Miles0000
W/R/B - 15 (+) Miles00030
OE - Group w/ W/R/B00010
OE - Non Group w/ W/R/B014049
Pictures - None
Pictures - First248
Pictures - Additional8408
Pictures - Sweat3007
Pictures - Deck of Cards Exercise1102
Weekly Sub Total20540150
Challenge Sub Total5525203451483

The LaLa's The Tush Pushers The Jedi KittiesDashing Divas 
Week SevenW/R/B - 5 Miles026820
W/R/B - 10 Miles00500
W/R/B - 15 (+) Miles20000
OE - Group w/ W/R/B5500
OE - Non Group w/ W/R/B280140
Pictures - None
Pictures - First177
Pictures - Additional8808
Pictures - Sweat1103
Pictures - Deck of Cards Exercise0100
Weekly Sub Total72547541
Challenge Sub Total538649760495

Elmwood Hotties Badunkadunk Busters The Sexy Mother RunnersEighties Lossketeers
Week SevenW/R/B - 5 Miles2640660
W/R/B - 10 Miles0000
W/R/B - 15 (+) Miles00030
OE - Group w/ W/R/B03005
OE - Non Group w/ W/R/B01470
Pictures - None
Pictures - First171
Pictures - Additional0488
Pictures - Sweat0253
Pictures - Deck of Cards Exercise0020
Weekly Sub Total269110150
Challenge Sub Total4374781241577

Cash MoneyWaist ManagementHardy PartyLaura Youngman
Week SevenW/R/B - 5 Miles05060
W/R/B - 10 Miles0000
W/R/B - 15 (+) Miles030030
OE - Group w/ W/R/B05000
OE - Non Group w/ W/R/B0105077
Pictures - None
Pictures - First43
Pictures - Additional0840
Pictures - Sweat0330
Pictures - Deck of Cards Exercise0310
Weekly Sub Total025317107
Challenge Sub Total185502110107

Starting November 11, 2011, I am going to be participating in an additional challenge that while fitness is an aspect of it, the main point behind it is balancing all the aspects of your life and using your values and priorities to achieve the goals that mean the most to you. 

If this is a challenge that you would be interested it, I have already set up a team.  Go to

and use this info when you sign up:

Team Leader:  Jennifer Stanley
Team Name:  Team WRB

I hope you join me.  An aspect of the challenge is developing an accountablity group (which we already have started) to help you work together with others, making a more organized life.  Wow are wonderful things going on!   ;o)

Monday, October 10, 2011

WRB Challenge - Week 5 Results

Hope you all have gotten off to a great start for Week 6!

I am excited that we have another new team that joined us last night!  Welcome Waist Management!

Naomi on her first trail run!  So proud of my partner!

Sisters in Sweat Punk Little Sole Girls Triple F:  Fabulously Fit Friends Walk It Off
Week TwoW/R/B - 5 Miles410508
W/R/B - 10 Miles25000
W/R/B - 15 (+) Miles00030
OE - Group w/o W/R/B0000
OE - Group w/ W/R/B35000
OE - Non Group w/o W/R/B0000
OE - Non Group w/ W/R/B7841540
Pictures - None-3  -6
Pictures - First4880
Pictures - Additional2270
Pictures - Sweat2320
Pictures - Deck of Cards Exercise1030
Weekly Sub Total7710722432
Challenge Sub Total5323851066289

Christine got her sweat on at Turbo!  If you are having trouble getting your sweat on, attend one of these classes!

The LaLa's The Tush Pushers The Jedi Kitties Dashing Divas
Week TwoW/R/B - 5 Miles08260
W/R/B - 10 Miles2525050
W/R/B - 15 (+) Miles0000
OE - Group w/o W/R/B0000
OE - Group w/ W/R/B03000
OE - Non Group w/o W/R/B0000
OE - Non Group w/ W/R/B704214
Pictures - None-3 -6 
Pictures - First0808
Pictures - Additional0103
Pictures - Sweat0001
Pictures - Deck of Cards Exercise0004
Weekly Sub Total29756280
Challenge Sub Total444519586398

Cash Money putting on a photo shoot at RC  ;o)

Elmwood Hotties Shakin' Bacon Badunkadunk Busters The Sexy Mother Runners
Week TwoW/R/B - 5 Miles2628042
W/R/B - 10 Miles00025
W/R/B - 15 (+) Miles00030
OE - Group w/o W/R/B0000
OE - Group w/ W/R/B0000
OE - Non Group w/o W/R/B0000
OE - Non Group w/ W/R/B02828126
Pictures - None-6 -3 
Pictures - First0448
Pictures - Additional0018
Pictures - Sweat0125
Pictures - Deck of Cards Exercise0003
Weekly Sub Total206132247
Challenge Sub Total3713663361082

 Yay for Kari who had an injured foot that is now better!  So glad to have you back Kari!
Bonnie & Clyde Eighties Lossketeers Cash Money
Week TwoW/R/B - 5 Miles800
W/R/B - 10 Miles000
W/R/B - 15 (+) Miles303030
OE - Group w/o W/R/B000
OE - Group w/ W/R/B000
OE - Non Group w/o W/R/B000
OE - Non Group w/ W/R/B28721
Pictures - None-6  
Pictures - First084
Pictures - Additional002
Pictures - Sweat022
Pictures - Deck of Cards Exercise001
Weekly Sub Total604760
Challenge Sub Total501368155

Look at that Sparkle Laura has!  I believe she said it was from working out on the "dreadmill"  ;o)