I think there will be people who will read further into this page and say that what I'm looking to accomplish is a lot.  That I'm setting my sights too high and making goals outside of my reach. 

And I would say that those are people who have no faith in me at all.  Whether it be that they just don't know me that well or that they are basing my future on my past.  Absolutely true that I've had trouble with follow through in the past.  I will be the first (and have several times) to admit it. 

But, I think that in the last 10 months and 50 pounds, I should have proven that a little bit has changed and that I'm up for bigger challenges. 

So, when reading my goals, please keep this in mind.  When I was asked to write this list, this was the criteria I was given:
  • What 10 (or so) things would be absolutely awesome if they could happen in the next year.
  • Money wasn't an object, schooling didn't matter, nothing could stand in the way of it. 
So that's what I've done.  Now, can ALL of these things I'm about to confess to you come true in a year.  Maybe, maybe not.  But if even half of them or just 2 of them happened, that would be an absolutely fabulous feeling.

So, as I wrote in an earlier blog....It's not like I'm saying that I want to go to Nashville and become a Country Singer.  I don't think any one of things should give a person doubt.  Maybe the combination of a few of them will seem big.  But, remember I wrote them with the criteria that nothing could stand in the way.
  1. Pay off the majority of my debt
  2. Become a Personal Fitness Instructor
  3. Become a Turbo/Hip Hop Hustle Coach
  4. Grow my Beachbody Business
  5. Become a Life Coach
  6. Have at least a supplemental income coming in doing fitness
  7. Want to be able to take a vacation
  8. Want to be ready to schedule a half marathon
  9. Want to have lost the rest of my 100 pounds
  10. Will be able to live a "Free" life - one where I am absolutely true to myself and decisions about myself are made only by taking myself and those directly affected into account. 
  11. Private/Personal Goal (not for public sharing  ;o)
In fitness training, we talk a lot about accountability.  Some people have no trouble with it and need no tricks to stay on track.  Some people have accountability partners; someone who is waiting to do their workout with them and that they can't let down.  And some people put it out there for the world to see. 

I have several different ways of making myself accountable.  Consider this my accountability page going forward. 


  1. Great set of goals. I have also recently started a blog to keep myself accountable. When you put it all out there for others to see, it becomes more difficult to back out of what you said you would do.

  2. Thank you! You are so right! I blog because 1) journaling is very theraputic to me and 2) putting yourself out there really creates the need to stand behind what you say.

    I will definitely be checking out your blog! ;o)