Sunday, March 16, 2014

Losing Weight = More Time In the Kitchen

Astonishingly, yes. 

Today is the last day of Week 1 of my Wheat Belly experiment.  I would say over all, it has been successful.  I'm not going to give you a number this week because I'm not 100% sure where I started.  I did get on the scale on Day 1, but it was actually quite a bit higher than it had been 2 days before so I'm not sure how accurate a number it was.  I will say that the scale has gone down every day.

But I'm finding it hilarious how much time I've spent in the kitchen.  What types of things have I been eating? 

  • eggs
  • chicken salad
  • summer sausage
  • cheese
  • chicken
  • pork
  • steak
  • bell peppers
  • cucumbers
  • nuts
  • fruit leather
  • bread
  • cheesecake
  • donuts

Did I just say bread, cheesecake, and donuts?  Isn't this a wheat-free diet?  Why, yes I did.  And, yes it is. 

I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen hard boiling eggs, preparing lunches and dinners for the next day, and trying out some wheat-free recipes to make some things that I might miss or add some fun things into the experiment.

I will not be sharing the actual recipes here for copyright reasons.   All of the recipes described in this post came from the Wheat Belly (30 minutes or less) Cookbook. 

First I made Sandwich Bread.  The cookbook has you start out making an All-Purpose Mix that you will be able to use in many recipes.  It consists of almond flour, coconut flour, and flaxseed.  It is the main ingredient in the Sandwich Bread.

The bread was pretty short because it did not have a rising agent in it.  At first I was thinking that I would buy a different kind of pan, but then decided against it because even wheat-less - who needs that much bread?  The bread was also dry.  Next time I'm going to try it with some applesauce in it to see if that moistens it up.

I also made mayonnaise from the cookbook.  I have been encouraged to try to make my own now for a while but resisted.  Since the cookbook's recipe had very few ingredients and promised quick results, I decided to try. 

The recipe calls for white wine vinegar to attempt to preserve it a little longer.  I did find my end result had a little bit of a vinegar smell.  However, the consistency was just like Hellman's mayonnaise.  The recipe was a little big for me.  Made way too much so I will be adjusting with the amount of oil I use in the future.  And my chicken salad was DELICIOUS!

I also made Breakfast Cheesecake and Cinnamon Donuts this weekend.  I would say that my cheesecake has too much of a vanilla taste...I MAY have put one too many teaspoons of extract in the batter.  The Cinnamon Donuts were incredibly easy and tasted awesome out of the oven.  I'm anxious to see what my family thinks about them this afternoon.

UPDATE: I'm finishing this post after the family gathering and the donuts were a HIT.

The amount of baking that I'm doing will probably halt soon because I really don't need to be eating the carbs whether they are wheat-less or not. But, I am doing an experiment and part of it is to learn how you can eat sweets without wheat.  I have put the left-over donuts in the freezer so they are there when I need them.
Onward to Week 2!

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