Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What is So Wrong with Wheat?

I was recently asked this after posting a pic of my wheatless meal on Facebook (a yummy steak with bell peppers, both cooked on the grill). 

Remember that I started this 30 day experiment basically in the dark with the intention of doing my research at the same time.  So, being 10 days in I am by no means an expert.  But, here is what I've learned so far.

  • The wheat of today, is not the wheat of the past (way, way past).  Hybrids instigated by man have been created to be able to produce more.  (Instigated by man indicates not natural).  Modern strains of wheat would not be able to survive in the wild.
  •  Causes visceral fat which gathers around your middle.  "Unlike fat in other body areas, it provokes inflammatory phenomena, distorts insulin responses, and issues abnormal metabolic signals to the rest of the body." - Wheat Belly
  • Causes high blood sugar. 
  • Wheat is an appetite stimulant.
These are just a few of the things that are "wrong with wheat", but they are the few that make sense to this normal person who is neither a doctor nor in the depths of years of research.  My favorite quote so far from Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis is, "Wheat is therefore the great disrupter.  It's the floozy girlfriend of the midlife crisis male, busting apart the entire happy family."  This quote was made in reference to what wheat does to our ph levels. 

I was also asked today if I'm a believer yet.  I originally said that I might be admitting to you that I am succumbing to the latest fad.  I will tell you that I believe in the benefits of giving up wheat, but I'm not willing to concede yet that it isn't a fad.  Only time will tell for that.  Here is why I believe in the benefits of giving it up.

  • Apparently, somewhere around Day 7 I stopped snoring.  This is according to my (very happy) boyfriend who used to hear me snoring from the bedroom while he watched movies or played video games in the living room.
  • I have lost approx. a pound a day without physical activity.  I'm getting started with the exercise so I'm excited to see the impact of combining the two.
  • I have been more productive after work.  I have not been known to be incredibly domestic and Pre-Wheat Belly I would come home and immediately go to the living room and sit till it was time to go to bed (of course while grazing ALL NIGHT).  Now I come home, do homework, clean, or cook.  And as mentioned before, now exercise. 
  • I've completed tasks that I've been saying for months I either needed or wanted to do.  I believe that is the lifting of the brain fog that they describe.
  • In the past couple of days I have not experienced the mid-day slump that I used to.
  • I am no longer thinking about food, other than when I need to in order to prepare.  I hardly even notice when my wheat-eating boyfriend is eating something that is a no-no for me. Emotional eating has vanished.
So, if the status quo remains I will be continuing past the 30 day mark.  I have seen only benefits and no adverse affects at this point. 

It is exciting to start seeing progress and feeling good.

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